• Deepening a Relationship

    The University of Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University are building closer ties.

About the partnership

To further catalyze discovery and scientific impact, OHSU President Joe Robertson and UO President Michael Schill have called for increased partnerships between OHSU and UO faculty. Three areas are currently being explored: research collaborations, educational programs, and administrative policies. The first investment in this collaboration is the launch of Collaborative Seed Grants.


We are pleased to announce a new collaborative seed funding mechanism between the University of Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University that aims to build on strengths of faculty at both institutions, deepen UO-OHSU partnerships, and prepare UO-OHSU teams to apply for external funding that will provide long-term support for research programs.  The overall purpose of this CSP is to significantly increase the number of externally funded UO-OHSU collaborative projects. If successful and there is sufficient demand, we hope to re-issue this call again next year and to provide additional support to teams who successfully submitted collaborative external funding applications during their CSP.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS — Looking for answers to frequently asked questions about eligibility, budget, building a team and other matters related to the OHSU-UO Collaborative Seed Grant?

       Read the OHSU-UO Collaborative Seed Grant FAQ (updated 4/5/18)

INFO SESSION —  Research Development Services hosted an information session on the OHSU-UO Seed Grant on March 1. Some of the topics covered included eligibility criteria, review criteria, and the mechanics of the submission process. The session concluded with a Q&A session.

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The OHSU-UO Collaborative Seed Grant


University of Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University
Request for Applications for Collaborative Seed Projects (CSP)

2018-2019 CSP Priorities:

There are two priority areas for the 2018-2019 CSP Award Cycle:

  • Convening (e.g., bringing together teams of OHSU and UO faculty for structured meetings to incubate collaborative ideas likely to lead to applications for external funding or other revenue generation; working with external consultants or experts who can advise joint UO-OHSU teams on technical or entrepreneurial aspects of collaborative project ideas; other infrastructure development activities designed to prepare the team to be successful in generating revenue and future grant funding)
  • Piloting (e.g., pilot studies designed to provide feasibility evidence or preliminary data for joint UO-OHSU grant applications; joint publications to support grant applications; development of joint grant applications)


Projects must include at least one PI from the UO and one PI from OHSU. Projects that assist in the translation of basic science are encouraged.  Only applications that clearly specify how the proposed activities will increase the likelihood of future UO-OHSU external funding will be considered responsive to this CSP.

Application Instructions:

The CSP application process involves the submission of a letter of intent and completion of an online application packet. Each faculty member can only submit one application as lead PI (although faculty may serve in Co-I or in other roles on additional applications).


Note regarding the application process: You will need an account to submit an application, but it’s very simple to create one. If you are an OHSU faculty member, you can log in using your OHSU login information. If you are applying from University of Oregon, you will need to create an account with your email address. (There is no cost to creating an account). Faculty from either institution can serve as the submitting PI; there is no advantage or disadvantage to being from either institution. If you have questions, write funding@ohsu.edu.