• Photo of Xiaolin Nan (left), an assistant professor in the OHSU Department of Biomedical Engineering, and UO’s Ramesh Jasti (right), an associate professor in UO’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

    Deepening a Relationship
    The University of Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University are building closer ties.

About the partnership

To further catalyze discovery and scientific impact, OHSU President Danny Jacobs and UO President Michael Schill have called for increased partnerships between OHSU and UO faculty. Three areas are currently being explored: research collaborations, educational programs, and administrative policies. The first investment in this collaboration is the launch of Collaborative Seed Grants.

Latest round of UO-OHSU seed funding announced

The latest round of OHSU-UO Collaborative Seed Grants has been announced. Five collaborative research teams will explore a range of topics.

The project topics and grant recipients are:

  • Dietary protein impact on colonic microbiome signature and alteration of colonocyte inflammation-associated DNA methylation profile; Anna Hunter, OHSU, and Brendan Bohannan, UO
  • Early environmental factors and cellular mechanisms underlying increased risk for childhood obesity; Carrie McCurdy, UO, and Joel Nigg, OHSU.
  • Determining the driving forces of protein aggregation with native ion mobility-mass spectrometry; Kirsten Lampi, OHSU, and James Prell, UO.
  • Microengineering vascularized and innervated bone-like scaffolds as an alternative to autologous bone grafts; Marian Hettiaratchi, UO, and Luiz Bertassoni, OHSU.
  • Using the epigenetic clock to test gene x environmental interactions in the context of brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases; Lucia Carbone, OHSU, and Kirstin Sterner, UO.

The new awards are for phase 1 piloting grants, which support studies designed to provide feasibility evidence or preliminary data for joint UO-OHSU grant applications.

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Overview and Purpose:

This funding mechanism, launched in 2018 between the University of Oregon and Oregon Health & Science University, aims to build on strengths of faculty at both institutions, deepen UO-OHSU partnerships, and prepare UO-OHSU teams to apply for external funding that will provide long-term support for collaborative research programs. The overall purpose of this CSP is to significantly increase the number of externally funded UO-OHSU collaborative projects.


2019-2020 CSP Priorities:

There are two priority areas for the 2019-2020 CSP Award Cycle:

  • Convening (e.g., bringing together teams of OHSU and UO faculty for structured meetings to incubate collaborative ideas likely to lead to applications for external funding or other revenue generation; working with external consultants or experts who can advise joint UO-OHSU teams on technical or entrepreneurial aspects of collaborative project ideas; writing joint publications to support grant applications; supporting infrastructure development activities designed to prepare a team to be successful in generating revenue and future grant funding). We anticipating funding up to 5 convening awards at $10,000 each, for a duration of 12 months.
  • Piloting (e.g., pilot studies designed to provide feasibility evidence or preliminary data for joint UO-OHSU grant applications, and the development of joint grant applications). We anticipate funding up to 5 Piloting Phase One piloting awards at $50,000 for one year. Previously funded Phase One pilot award teams are eligible to submit Piloting Phase Two proposals: the total pool for Phase Two is $175,000, and we anticipate funding two or three Phase Two proposals. Piloting Phase Two proposals will be evaluated in part by evidence that they are close to receipt of external funding (e.g., a submitted or draft NIH R21/R01/Center or equivalent collaborative grant proposal) and have a well-justified need and plan for continuing activities while waiting for external support to arrive.


For both award types, it is expected that the work reflects a true collaboration, with comparable roles, responsibilities, and budgets at the two institutions and a commitment to a joint future grant submission with significant activities and funding at both institutions. For Convening and Phase One Piloting applications, we prefer to seed new collaborations, although expansions of existing collaborations will also be considered.


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